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If it’s your choice to make the most of your senior years, then Tapestry can help you make your choice a living reality.
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Tapestry is a one-of-a-kind independent living community that inspires active aging. Our residents enjoy a world of choices, and exceptional services and amenities that far exceed expectations. At Tapestry, we have a committed focus to the seven dimensions of wellness to create a positive sense of place where you can thrive and continue to enhance your wellness. Enjoy fresh, delicious and exceptional quality food prepared under the guidance of our executive chef, extraordinary accommodations that inspire luxury living and exceptional service delivered passionately by our employees who make even the simplest pleasure feel indulgent and luxurious

Our commitment to wellness and creating active aging communities is what distinguishes Tapestry and attracts residents who are inspired to pursue their physical, mental and spiritual independence. We know that when all aspects of wellness are nurtured and prioritized, it can elevate health and enhance an overall sense of individual well-being. That’s why we take a holistic approach to wellness in all of its dimensions to offer a luxurious lifestyle where you can embrace a new age.

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Our Communities

Tapestry at Village Gate West

Offering rental apartments, this retirement community is loaded with exceptional amenities and superior services.

Tapestry at Arbutus Walk

An award-winning community of rental apartments and condominium homes with a full complement of amenities and services.

Tapestry at Wesbrook Village

Offering rental apartments and condominium homes, this community goes well beyond traditional seniors housing.