Concert is proud of our sustainability accomplishments to date. We have designed and built more than 20 buildings that have achieved various levels of LEED certification as well as Tier 2 under the Toronto Green Standard. We’ve built complete, compact, mixed-use communities that provide affordable housing and a range of transportation options. We have developed best-in-class recycling facilities and programs in our residential developments. We’ve invested in trades training programs and built a healthy company that has for 30 years provided long-term stable returns for our investors.

We, like all Canadians, now face serious issues that require a new way of thinking about sustainability. Climate change is real and getting worse, with buildings a prime contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Urban alienation and loneliness are increasing in cities. As a community builder, it is our responsibility to look back to our founding values and review the insights gained in the last 30 years and undertake a comprehensive company-wide effort to reimagine our approach to sustainability. This new Sustainability Framework is a product of that reflection. In some cases, the framework is just putting into context things that we have been doing since the beginning of the company, and in other areas we are forging a bold new path and changing how we do business.

Our Sustainability Framework lays out a plan for the next 30 years to make Concert a leader in all three aspects of sustainability - economic, environmental and social. It is a detailed and specific reaffirmation that Concert is a mission-driven company that is trying to make a positive impact in the fabric of Canadian communities. Whether it’s setting, and delivering on, ambitious GHG reductions, combating the increasing urban isolation and loneliness in our cities or getting more rigorous about how we measure and manage our performance, our new Framework is our road map to get us there. 

To find out more, download our Sustainability Framework.

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